Congratulations to our Father’s Day Contest Winner, David!

Your children admire you and so do we!

Oh Boy! Or Girl!

Don’t forget to enter Kelsey’s Baby Contest at your next visit.

Congratulations, Jessica! You did an outstanding Job!

June Coloring Contest Winner, 5 years old.

Congratulations to our AWESOME patient, Wyatt!

You are our SUNSHINE!

April Earth Day Coloring Contest Winner

Congratulations, Tonya!

Remember to enter your “Super Dad” in our Father’s Day Contest at your next visit.  The Super Dad winner will receive a Tool Box and $100 Home Depot Gift Card.  Good luck!

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day all week at I Song Orthodontics!

Congratulations to our Spring Contest winner, Hamlet!

Enjoy your Spring basket and gift cards!

Guess: 200  Aligners in the jar: 201

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“Mom Hero Contest” when you visit our office!

Align into Spring Contest!

Guess how many aligners are in the jar.

Congratulations to our monthly coloring contest winner, Hazy!

You did an amazing job!

Paul is our Awesome Patient Contest winner!

You truly are AWESOME!

Congratulations, Ruby!


1. What city dyes its river every St. Patrick’s Day?

-Chicago, Illinois

2. What famous landmark do you kiss to become luckier than a Leprechaun?

-Blarney Stone

3. What is the lucky stick called that Leprechauns use to find the pot of gold?


TIE BREAKERS: Fact or Folklore?

1. The Titanic was built in Ireland.~Fact

2. Mustaches were once illegal in Ireland.~Fact

2014 Health and Wellness Fair | Albany Chamber of Commerce

I Song Orthodontics had a wonderful time at the Health and Wellness Fair. Thank you for stopping by our booth and joining in on our activities!

I Song Orthodotnics had a blast hosting our annual

Cornell Elementary School Field Trip!

Valentine’s Day Contest

Valentine’s Contest Winner!

2013 Awesome Patient of the Year!

Food Drive Winner!

Awesome Patient winner!

Awesome Patient!


July Coloring Contest Winner! We love the sparkles!