Orthodontist Berkeley » Acceledent Instructions

Review the following instructions carefully to maximize your Acceledent treatment.

Completely charge your AcceleDent overnight before first use. Subsequent charging for at least 2 full hours is required every 2-3 uses.
Use with gentle pressure, hands free. Do not chew or clench on mouthpiece.
Only once daily use for a continuous 20 mins/day is required.
Orange light indicates need for a recharge.
To clean the Mouthpiece: Disconnect the mouthpiece and then rinse. Completely dry the Mouthpiece before reconnecting it to the Activator.
To clean the Activator (motorized handle piece): Wipe with a soft cloth. It must remain completely dry- the Activator is not water resistant.
Mouthpiece = tempting Chew Toy. Keep it out of your dog’s reach.
Replacement fee of $150 for lost or damaged mouthpieces.
You may review the “Use and Care” video at acceledent.com.
Bring your AcceleDent unit to each appointment.