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We’re always excited to feature new breakthroughs in the field of orthodontics, particularly braces. Now more than ever, it’s easier and easier to achieve a million dollar smile without having to undergo cosmetic procedures that don’t carry that everlasting effect that a proper set of executed braces can provide.

The older people get, the less time they want to be in braces, if at all. If you’re one of those less lucky folks who won’t make an effective candidate for low profile treatment plans like Invisalign, there are still ways that you can minimize your time in metal or ceramic braces.
Acceledent® offers an accelerated alternative to traditional braces. It’s a very safe, non-invasive way to minimize your time in braces by up to 50%!

How It Works

Acceledent® technology is made up of a sophisticated mouthpiece that is custom fitted around your existing orthodontics. You turn on the activator, once you’ve applied your mouthpiece and Soft Pulse Technology™ works on your teeth and gums, promoting faster and easier tooth movement.

More on Soft Pulse Technology™

Soft Pulse Technology™ is a completely non-invasive apparatus that generates small vibrations (micropulses) which will enhance the movements of your orthodontics, which will facilitate faster tooth movement, reducing some patients’ time in braces by up to half.

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