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Invisalign Guard

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces that we’re happy to provide at I Song Orthodontists to patients who do not want or necessarily need to undergo the traditional braces procedure.

Below are some hidden benefits that Invisalign provides to the patients who decide to utilize this new, exciting, and less invasive corrective oral health procedure.

1.) Invisalign Can Help Prevent Periodontal Disease

Did you know that crooked or misaligned teeth actually pose a threat to your oral health? Teeth that aren’t aligned properly are harder to clean, which means that bacteria can hide in nooks and crannies, which opens you up to things like bone and gum damage, not to mention loss of enamel and eventual tooth loss. Invisalign can help prevent the risks that come along with having a crooked or misaligned smile.

2.) Invisalign is Safer than Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have metal parts that protrude and can injure the mouth, which can lead to bacterial infection if left untreated. Invisalign is a less invasive, less cumbersome procedure, a series of trays that correct the teeth gradually and more gently than traditional braces. There’s no irritation or cuts in the mouth that you’ll ever have to worry about.

3.) Patients Only Wear Invisalign for 1-1.5 Years

Patients who choose Invisalign generally have them off and move on with their life in a year or so. Most will have the smile they desire in no longer than one and a half years!

Invisalign is a safe and viable procedure for patients who only need slight corrections in their smile. But Invisalign can also make a big difference when it comes to crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and can help correct mild to moderate bite imperfections.

Contact I Song Orthodontics today if you’d like to know more about the benefits you stand to gain from the Invisalign procedure. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and schedule your consultation today!