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I Song Orthodontics understands that it can be a drag to have braces. If you aren’t using accelerated orthodontics, the general time you’ll spend in braces from start to finish is anywhere from 18-24 months. No matter if you have braces or not, it’s important to be aware of how some of these foods can adversely affect your teeth, leaving your enamel vulnerable to erosion, causing harm to your teeth and gum tissue. But we do know that braces are meant to help you with your oral health, but they also prove to throw up a few hurdles. They make it harder to speak and eat, and they also make it harder to perform those good dental habits you learn from I Song Orthodontics.

For the athletes and sportspersons out there with braces, the team at I Song Orthodontics recommends additional protection via a mouth guard. This appliance can be vital for protecting your braces so that it can continue to straighten your teeth and improve your smile.

In addition to protecting braces and teeth, mouth guards can also be a critical factor in protecting against concussion-causing injuries. With the proper appliances, you can reduce the extent of an injury affecting the mandibular jaw. Mouth guards absorb the shock from contact and reduces any vibration from affecting the teeth and braces.

Even for those not wearing braces, a mouth guard is still recommended during sports to ensure protection from tooth fractures, knocked-out teeth, and damage to lip and cheek tissue. Some studies have even shown that athletes can perform better knowing that they have the proper protection for their mouths and jaw.

There are a number of mouth guards individuals can choose from. These include boil-and-bite mouth guards and stock mouth guards. Both of which have benefits and problems. For optimized protection, it is recommended that you choose a custom mouth guard developed by your orthodontist.

For additional information on mouth guards and obtaining a custom one for yourself or a loved one, contact I Song Orthodontics at (510) 528-2220 and schedule a consultation. Our office services the Berkeley, Albany, and surrounding areas.