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A Quick Look At Accelerated Orthodontics

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Everyone wants to get that perfect smile, but but no one wants to wear braces or a retainer longer than they absolutely have to. At I Song Orthodontics we know how important it can be to get that perfect smile as quickly as possible, which is why today we’re giving you the down-low on accelerated orthodontics — specifically on a new accelerated orthodontics technology: AcceleDent.

What Is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics is an emerging school of orthodontics whose goal is to shorten the time needed to achieve straight teeth and a balanced smile. Some studies have shown that various accelerated orthodontics treatments can reduce the time needed for orthodontic treatments by 3 to 8 months.

There are a wide variety of accelerated orthodontic procedures, some of which involve minimally-invasive surgeries.

What Are The Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontics?

An obvious benefit of accelerated orthodontics is that it can reduce the time patients with braces or retainers have to wear their bulky hardware for. They can also have other minor benefits, like encouraging bone growth in your mouth. Finally, it’s important to mention that official accelerated orthodontics procedures are much a better option than home remedies like wearing extra bands with your braces, which can damage your teeth and even increase the amount of time you need your orthodontics for.

How Is AcceleDent Different?

AcceleDent is different from most accelerated orthodontics systems in that it doesn’t require any minimally-invasive surgeries. A small mouthguard-like device is worn over the orthodontics and turned on for twenty minutes every day. That device emits micro-pulses that help teeth move into proper alignment faster.

AcceleDent provides a host of advantages over other methods, including convenience and comfort. AcceleDent is also FDA-approved, which means that it’s been officially certified as a process that is not only genuinely effective, but also a completely safe way to help speed up orthodontic procedures.

To conclude, Accelerated Orthodontics, and specifically AcceleDent, are a safe and effective way to shorten the length of time needed for various orthodontic procedures. At I Song Orthodontics we understand how important getting that perfect smile as quickly as possible is, which is why we’re proud to offer AcceleDent treatments. Just book an appointment with our dedicated professionals, and we’ll be able to help you understand if the process is right for you and get you started.

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