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Accelerated Braces

I Song Orthodontics fervently believes in the endless potential the infusion of cutting edge technology and compassionate care can bring to an already experienced and reputable orthodontics practice in Albany and the surrounding areas of Berkeley and El Cerrito, CA. Whether you need Invisalign, traditional metal or ceramic braces, or even accelerated braces, we can give you savvy and conservative treatment to correct your bite and align your teeth. We use only the best when it comes to the appliances, tooling, and software we utilize in monitoring the progress in our mutual creation of your new beautiful smile.

If there is any way that we can shorten your stay in your braces, we will go that route, so long as it practices our safe standards and maintains the same efficacy, if not greater efficacy in correcting misaligned teeth and bite. That’s where accelerated orthodontics and AcceleDent® come into play.

More on Accelerated Orthodontics

As science and technology advance in the field of orthodontics the patient’s stay in braces minimizes in addition to the improvement of other facets of braces, including ostentatiousness of hardware and easement of discomfort.

AcceleDent® represents the latest in non-invasive accelerated orthodontics. Through micro-pulses, tiny vibrations inspire bone growth and accelerate the alignment of your bite and your teeth.

How AcceleDent® Works

The patient wears a mouthpiece that fits snugly around their orthodontics and turns on AcceleDent®, letting the appliance do its work for just 20 minutes a day. This FDA-Approved orthodontic treatment can minimize your time in braces, in some cases as much as 50%!

Cutting Edge Soft Pulse Technology™

AcceleDent® incorporates Soft Pulse Technology™, which is completely non-surgical and non-invasive. Small vibrations, generated micropulses will facilitate and enhance the orthodontics experience. This can reduce the patient’s time in their braces by half in some cases.

Candidates for AcceleDent®

Anyone who wears or stands to wear braces can benefit from AcceleDent® technology. Adults are especially prone to interest, because most adults don’t like the idea of wearing braces or would like to minimize the appearance or duration of their braces.

AcceleDent® is versatile. Patients can use AcceleDent® on metal and ceramic braces, as well as lingual braces which are placed behind the teeth.
Contact I Song Orthodontics today. We are excited to offer the latest breakthroughs in orthodontics, including (but not limited to) AcceleDent® accelerated orthodontics technology. We’ll help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, giving you a strong foundation for a life of great oral health in the process. Pick up the phone and schedule your consultation. We’ll set ambitious yet attainable oral health and dental aesthetic enhancement goals together and take the measures necessary to achieve and maintain those goals.

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