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Are Your Teeth in Worse Condition Post Aligners Overcorrection? Here’s What to Do

Aligning teeth to create a dazzling and functional smile may sometimes be trickier than it appears. While orthodontists, like your trusted orthodontist in Berkeley, often recommend aligners to correct misalignment, dealing with overcorrection and potential deterioration of your teeth requires some adept strategies. This article guides you on the steps to follow when you encounter such situations.

Understanding the Overcorrection of Teeth with Aligners

Orthodontists employ aligners to fine-tune your teeth positioning, fostering a harmonious smile and optimized bite. In certain complex cases, aligners may need to be overcorrected, causing a tighter fit in certain mouth areas and subsequently allowing more drastic teeth movement.

Advancements in dental technology have ensured that multiple alignment strategies can be utilized to mitigate these issues. This includes enhancing the thickness and overall design of the aligners. Among the favored techniques in the contemporary orthodontic scene are clear aligners. These transparent alternatives to traditional braces offer easier, more efficacious alignment, and greater patient satisfaction. To ascertain the best method for making these over corrective alterations, orthodontists widely use 3D technology.

What Course of Action to Take if Teeth Deteriorate Post Aligner Overcorrection?

On certain unfortunate occasions, these over-corrective aligners could lead to unanticipated negative outcomes. Your teeth could potentially look worse than before the treatment. However, fear not, as there are multiple strategies to counter this predicament.

The primary action should be to acknowledge the problem. Identifying a deterioration in your dental condition is the crucial first step on the path to getting it rectified.

If you suspect that your aligners might be exacerbating the condition of your teeth, we recommend you immediately contact your dental healthcare professional. Communication is key here, help them understand your situation, and set up an appointment to determine the root of the discrepancy.

The dental expert will then collaborate with you to create a tailored solution. This will likely involve readjusting your aligner to alter the pressure exerted on your teeth.

The solution will focus on halting the further deterioration of your teeth, so it becomes paramount that you act judiciously at the earliest hint of unexpected tooth movement. Being proactive can ensure you stay on track with your orthodontic treatment goals.

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