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It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in, your smile is often one of the first things people notice about you. A great smile can have an amazingly positive impact on everyone around you. If you’re an adult and you’re timid or insecure about your smile, maybe it’s time to think about getting braces. I Song Orthodontics would like to take the time to encourage patients of all ages to consider experiencing the benefits of braces. Everyone should be eager to show their smile to the world.

It’s unfortunate that most adults won’t even consider getting adult braces. “Why get braces and fix my mouth now?” many people might ask themselves. The idea of wearing braces for months or years seems like more of an inconvenience than an opportunity. Here are some reasons to consider getting adult braces.

Your teeth don’t stop shifting.

Some might think that once they’ve grown to be a certain age, that’s where the buck stops. But the reality is teeth can shift at any age. It can happen due to an injury, health condition, or even natural growth patterns. Even a straight smile can be compromised over time.

Get braces to avoid future problems.

Maybe you think your teeth and gums are what they are. Research shows that frequency of bite misalignment in adults is actually quite comparable to that of children and teens. Crossbites and misaligned teeth yield an increased chance of plaque buildup. This can eventually lead to gum disease.

Get braces for your health and productivity.

Headaches and earaches can result from teeth and mouth problems, which might affect education or your performance at work. An improper bite might also mean that you can’t chew certain foods properly, which will lead to gastrointestinal problems.

Braces are better, more convenient, and cheaper than ever.

Did you know that braces have evolved considerably over the years? Patients can cut down significantly on time in braces as well as the ostentatiousness of the braces themselves. Options like ceramic braces and Invisalign are far more discreet than metal braces of yesteryear. Brackets incorporated into braces today are smaller, no longer requiring bands wrapped around the tooth. Ceramic braces are translucent and clear, a much more popular option with adults seeking braces. As an adult, you are in a far better place to afford braces, more than likely.

We hope that some of this information might change your preconceptions about adult braces. Particularly if you need to fix an overbite, crossbite, or underbite, adult braces can be the solution you need for your orthodontic issues. If you’d like to know more, schedule a consultation with I Song Today.