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At I Song Orthodontics, we work with numerous patients who actively exercise or play sports. Even with orthodontic treatment, you can still enjoy your favorite athletic activities while improving your smile. If you are out on the soccer field or basketball court, make sure to be careful not to damage your braces or injure your mouth. 

Mouthguards provide a way to protect your smile while playing sports. Whether you are wearing braces or retainers, you can help prevent damage from affecting your treatment progress. Mouthguards are especially recommended in contact sports such as football, hockey, or basketball. 

Our team in Berkeley and El Cerrito use high-grade material in providing orthodontic appliances. Our precautions and preventative measures can help protect from any impact-related damage as well as painful instances where your lips can be irritated by your braces. 

Orthodontic mouthguards are available at any sports store or contact our team for recommendations for continuing your sports activities while receiving treatment.