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With school restarting soon–even if it’s online–you may be thinking it would give your kids more self-confidence if they had straighter teeth than nature gave them. The good news is that it’s exactly the right time to get a good start on a summertime smile!

 With advances in orthodontic technology, there is a wide range of choices to improve any smile challenge. The revolutionary clear plastic aligners no one will see can gently upgrade moderate cases, ideal for teens who feel self-conscious.

 For bigger challenges, we offer the newest versions of metal braces which are, compared with traditional metal ones, smaller, less noticeable, not as cumbersome, and more efficient (able to reduce the time required by as much as 50%).

 So don’t believe the stereotypes on TV comedies and in movies: any type of advanced orthodontic solution is the smart way to get a beautiful smile with remarkably little discomfort or effort.

 Braces, aligners, and orthodontic treatments of all kinds are no longer just for children, though. They have become popular for adults who never had the ideal smiles they wanted, for personal and career reasons.

 And the benefits of any kind of orthodontic treatment are not simply cosmetic. We can improve the ability to chew, correct serious jaw problems, and prevent big dental bills that might otherwise come because of the difficulties of cleaning crooked teeth adequately. Over 92% of those who have had orthodontic therapy recommend it!

 Success does depend on following instructions on when to wear and how to clean the orthodontic device, as well as following diet tips. We will teach patients of all ages how to maintain good brushing and flossing habits or to use a water pick, if recommended. And, of course, there will be a need to visti the office regularly to adjust the device so they continue to be effective and comfortable.

If you are going on summer vacation, don’t worry–we will tell you how to prevent or fix any orthodontic emergency easily.

The cost of getting to smile goals varies a lot, but we offer a variety of convenient and affordable financing arrangements that will fit any budget or personal situation.

Yes, the process of getting to that perfect smile typically takes at least six months to two years or more. But the time to get started is summer, before your schedule gets as crowded as the teeth are now. Give us a call to set up a free consultation on the best solutions for your entire family.