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Severe tooth wear has been creeping up on many patients over the years. These trends may indicate that people are living longer and tooth wear simply progresses naturally as the years progress. The Adult Dental Health Surveys did point out that tooth wear has increased by more than 10 percent over the previous decade.

Patients in the 16-34 age range in particular, are vulnerable to concerns associated directly or loosely with tooth wear. The increase can also be affected by poor choices in food and drink, carbonated beverages, or eating disorders. Stress-related bruxism, or teeth grinding, is another factor that can play a role in tooth wear.

As Halloween is rolling around again, it is important to watch the foods you eat to avoid tooth wear and not have it affect your braces or orthodontic treatments as well. Avoid things such as fizzy drinks, citrus fruits, sticky candy, and other non-recommended food choices.

The better you adjust your food choices during the holidays, the better you can prevent tooth wear from putting a damper on your spirits. Contact our team today for additional information, we are based in Albany, but service the surrounding El Cerrito and Berkeley areas.