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Flossing While Having Braces

By June 29, 2021September 10th, 2021No Comments

Once your braces come off, you’re going to want to have a gorgeous, gleaming, healthy smile that you’re proud to show off.

That’s why it’s so important to include flossing as part of your daily oral care. Even though the brackets and wires pose a little bit of an extra challenge, there are simple adjustments you can make that will simplify your flossing and keep your teeth in great shape.

flossing with braces

Use a floss threader

A floss threader is a thin plastic loop with a straight, skinny end that works a little bit like a needle to help your floss bypass the metal wires running across your teeth.

It’s simple to use a floss threader. Just grab your floss and run it through the big loop at the top. Then take the skinny end of the threader and stick it behind the metal wire that runs between two of your braces brackets. Now you can slide the floss up and in between your teeth, just like you normally would when flossing.

Repeat these steps for the rest of your teeth, and you’re done!

Use a water flosser

A water flosser is another great tool that allows people with braces to reach those tight places in between their teeth. Water flossing shouldn’t completely replace traditional flossing in your oral care routine. Think of it more like a complement to your regular flossing and brushing that helps you achieve a superior level of clean. 

A water flosser sends a stream of pressurized water in between your teeth, using the force of the water to dislodge any bits and pieces that may have gotten trapped in there. It also provides a gentle massage to your gums, which stimulates circulation and keeps them healthy. 

Rinse with mouthwash

Another way to make flossing a bit easier is to do everything you can to prevent excess stuff from building up on and in between your teeth. Swishing some water around in your mouth after every meal will clear away some of the residue and debris, which lightens the load that flossing has to take care of. For additional information, connect with our team today, we service the areas of El Cerrito, Berkeley, and surrounding communities in addition to Albany.

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