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Children in the orthodontics world need a straight smile for any occasion, whether to start off their first day of school, or taking a picture for their first birthday. Often, when they think of braces, they may feel nervous about their appearance while having these metal appliances on. Your orthodontist in Berkeley will tell you that there is nothing to be worried about. Dr. Song and her team can help your child get adjusted to their treatment and work towards a result that helps them look and feel great about their smile.

For most children’s braces treatments, children will get adjusted to them early. Recent developments in braces technology enables patients to enjoy maximum comfort in a more discreet setting than ever. A lisp may be expected early in the treatment process, but this will generally diminish over time.

In maintaining braces, it is important for children to know how to keep them clean. An effective routine involves brushing teeth after each meal. In addition, flossing daily will help ensure food does not get trapped in tight spaces. Foods that are recommended against while having braces are: hard candy, sticky foods, caramels, and taffy. With a soft food diet, children can reduce the risk of any discomfort as the braces work to re-align the teeth.

When it comes to tracking the progress of the braces treatment, the steps are convenient. You can detect changes as early as the first wires. You can inform your child about checking for changes in the movement and position of their teeth. Once children can see this progress, they will be more confident about the improvement of their teeth.