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How Change of Seasons Affect Braces

Seasonal changes can have different emotional and health consequences for you, your family, or your relatives. It is quite surprising that changes in seasons can also affect your braces. If you have braces, you should take extra measures to ensure you are properly taking care of your oral health and maintaining your oral device.

This article will help you understand braces and how weather changes affect them.

Does Cold Weather Cause Discomfort in Your Teeth and Braces?

It is normal to experience more pain during the cold weather. Cold weather will increase tooth pain, which will affect how the braces feel. The teeth will expand and contract more frequently when responding to extremely cold temperatures. Whenever this happens, the teeth will increase their sensitivity, making the braces feel uncomfortable.

How Changes in Weather Affects Braces

Cold weather can be very inconvenient when you are wearing braces. Unlike other health devices, braces’ status is not exempt from seasonal changes.

It would help if you considered the following things during changes in seasons when you are putting on braces:

  • When braces are on during cold weather, you can experience more oral pain than normal. You should contact your orthodontist whenever you experience more pain, either during the winter or fall. The orthodontist will always take the necessary measures to help reduce the pain so you can proceed with your treatment.
  • Holidays are a very tempting time when it comes to eating food. However, not consuming food when your braces are on is appropriate. You must practice self-control, especially during the Christmas holiday, Thanksgiving events, or Halloween period, to help maintain your oral health. Remember that the change is not permanent since the more you stick to your oral health routine, the better you will get.
  • There is a high chance you will catch a common cold or flu when it gets cold outside. Despite getting sick, you will still have to maintain your oral health to avoid experiencing any kind of complication. Avoiding brushing your teeth whenever you are wearing braces can lead to the formation of tooth decay and cavities.

You should always contact a professional orthodontist whenever you experience these situations. The orthodontist will help ensure the braces are working effectively. Weather changes can be very frustrating, especially when wearing braces because you will experience more pain during the cold weather.

Taking care of yourself when you are sick can also be a great challenge. This is very common during the winter and fall.

Learning how the braces work will help ensure you take good care of them despite the changes in seasons. For instance, the teeth will hurt more during the colder seasons since braces get more sensitive in the cold. However, when the pain is greater than normal, it is appropriate that you immediately get in touch with your orthodontist to help you out.

Anyone wearing braces needs to be cautious with the foods they eat to prevent the formation of cavities and tooth decay.

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