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As many people age, they become more aware of the importance of proactively taking care of their oral health. No longer is it assumed that having to wear a set of dentures is inevitable. But even at ages 35-44, more than two-thirds of Americans have lost at least one tooth.

The primary reason for teeth falling out is due to inadequate dental hygiene, either not brushing for two minutes after breakfast and dinner and flossing before bedtime or having difficulty doing this because of crooked teeth. Often, the permanent teeth crowd into space in a mouth that is inadequate, creating areas where food can be trapped and hard to clean off, so bacteria will start to form. The result is an infection in the gums that cause them to detach from supporting those teeth.

An orthodontist like Dr. Song has years of training and experience in the art and science of gently correcting such misalignments that may leave gaps or result in overlapping teeth. Others may have overbites, underbites, or buck teeth. Adults who are candidates for orthodontic treatment generally have more challenges to reaching their ideal smile because there are often other periodontal issues that need to be resolved first. Also, because the jawbone is no longer growing and may be less dense than when younger, it usually takes longer for treatment to be completed. 

No individual has the identical orthodontic challenges and many need a specialist who can design a customized solution and guide it for the typical two-year process. Patients should be aware that some unqualified dentists make straightening teeth sound easy and they sometimes get into trouble with complicated cases, such as those which require jaw surgery.

Dr. Song’s recently constructed office is equipped with the latest technology and offers all the cutting-edge solutions for adults. We all know that others make snap judgments about us based on first impressions and whether it is in your personal life or career, a beautiful smile can make a difference. Over 92% of those who have had some form of orthodontic treatment recommend it.

Over a quarter of our patients are adults and there is a wide range of options to improve not only appearance, but the ability to chew and speak, as well as prevent periodontal disease. These include ceramic braces that are less noticeable, Accelerdent technology that can speed up most types of treatments, and Invisalign invisible trays that may be appropriate for mild cases. 

Come in for an assessment of your unique orthodontic needs to start on the journey to creating your personal perfect smile.

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