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What Makes Invisalign for Kids Different from Adults?

Invisalign is a common orthodontic treatment method that helps improve dental health, straighten teeth, and improve the overall appearance of humans. It is a better alternative to traditional braces. However, there is Invisalign for kids and adults. This guide will explain the difference between the two.

They Have Different Developmental Stages

It is important to note that children undergo different treatment procedures compared to adults.

In Invisalign for kids, the children will put on different aligners. They will also receive other treatments using expanders. Adults will go through a more complex treatment method. It is because adults may be dealing with the underlying dental problem without being noticed for long periods of time.

Treatment Length

You must be aware of the treatment length for Invisalign for kids. The children’s teeth will move fast and with ease when compared to the adult teeth. It means Invisalign treatment for kids will take a shorter time than for adults.

In most cases, the treatment period for kids will range from 6 to 18 months. Invisalign treatment for adults will take up to two years. The difference in length is due to the complexity of the treatment. However, children must put on aligners for long periods during the day, which is a great challenge since most of them must always remember to wear them.

Treatment Cost

The cost of treatment with Invisalign will always vary for kids and adults. In most cases, Invisalign for kids will cost more. It is because Invisalign for kids will take a short period of time, and different treatments will always be necessary. However, it is important to note that the treatment cost will always vary depending on who is responsible.

When looking for your kids’ treatment, you must always inquire about the cost of treatment. It is also advisable to consider whether a dental insurance company can cover the Invisalign treatment.

There are dental plans that will cover a certain percentage of the costs. Other companies may not. That explains why you should always double-check the dental plan policy. It is also advisable that you ask the Invisalign provider about their available payment options to avoid any form of inconvenience. Dental treatment is very important; a potential financial constraint should always keep you up.

Understanding the differences between Invisalign for kids and adults is important to ensure you receive the best care. Although both Invisalign treatments will benefit children and adults, the patient’s age will determine the treatment’s duration, comfort level, and type of aligners.

Get Straight Teeth Regardless of Your Age

Invisalign for kids and teens has a few small differences. The dental professionals at I Song Orthodontics believe it is important for patients to have extensive information about their teeth straightening options. We have invested in state-of-the-art dental equipment and technology in a safe and comfortable environment.

Learn more about Invisalign for kids and adults, cost, and more by scheduling a visit to our facility today, contacting us at (510) 528-2220, or emailing As a top orthodontist, you can always count on us for the best dental care practice.