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What is the Big Deal About Accelerated Orthodontics?

I Song Orthodontics understands that our world becomes more and more fast-paced every day. Technology has enhanced our rate of travel, turned our forty-hour workweek on its head, advanced medicine and furthered science, but it’s also had notable effects on dentistry.

Have you ever cringed at the idea of slipping back into a set of metal braces, or perhaps the idea of climbing into them for the first time? How would that affect your life? Would people embrace your new orthodontics or would you be the topic of conversation? Accelerated orthodontics represents a new way of dealing with braces, both metallic and ceramic, as well as with Invisalign and other braces alternatives. Everything is faster now, whether it be cars, jets, Internet streaming. You name it. Netflix and other streaming services make it so we don’t even have to leave our house to stay up on the latest in TV. Uber and Lyft can take us wherever we need to go at the press of a button. Pretty soon robots will be delivering us takeout.

If you’re wondering what else is improving in our daily lives at jet speed, it’s dentistry and braces! Traditionally, having braces symbolized being in a cumbersome metal contraption for 18-24 months, which made anyone think twice about whether or not they wanted to put in the work to achieve that perfect smile. In adults, the idea of being in an ostentatious set of braces for two years is even less likely than it is for children and teenagers, ages considered more “normal” to be wearing dental appliances. But what if we told you that you can dramatically cut down your time in braces with very simple yet effective non-surgical technology?

What is accelerated orthodontics?

Bone biology and advancing dental technology have developed a specialized treatment called accelerated orthodontics that can reduce the time patients spend in braces by nearly half. I Song Orthodontics utilizes AcceleDent® technology that incorporates Soft Pulse Technology™, which is non-invasive. Micropulses are delivered to precise areas of the mouth which enhance and facilitates tooth movement and correction.

AcceleDent® is sophisticated technology that you wear over your mouth, much like a mouthpiece. Once in place, you turn on the Acceledent® activator and leave the mouthpiece in place for 20 minutes once a day. These low-level vibrations are translated from the teeth to supporting bone structures, increasing blood flow, subsequently bone-remodeling cells to precise areas of the teeth. These soft pulses promote cell work and movement, which can often cut time in braces by 50% in some patients.

More on Soft Pulse Technology™:

The way that orthodontics work is by altering and remodeling the bones surrounding your teeth. AcceleDent® incorporates Soft Pulse Technology™, tiny vibrations, calibrated micropulses designed to quicken bone remodeling through cell and bone stimulation.

AcceleDent® earned its FDA approval back in early 2013 and has gained in popularity as more and more patients have an interest in reducing their time in braces. This also serves as a conservative move for our patients, instead of opting for procedures like Veneers, which can often entail minimal to significant tooth reshaping. AcceleDent® is encouraging more and more individuals to rely on their natural teeth and undergo the endeavor of taking on real metallic or ceramic braces. Invisalign users can even benefit from AcceleDent® in the same ways that those who benefit with metal or ceramic braces.

Those who use AcceleDent® experience less pain. Not only is your treatment and dental correction faster and your time in braces briefer, the easing of tooth movement also results in a more pain-free experience in your braces. Promotion of tooth movement increases blood flow and cellular activity which serve as local pain mediators. There’s no extensive surgery to worry about, AcceleDent® is completely non-surgical and non-invasive, a safe and effective way to reduce your time in braces by half in some scenarios.

Contact I Song Orthodontics today if you’re interested in finding out how our accelerated orthodontics program can benefit you and your teeth. We’ll listen to your goals and your concerns with the utmost care and develop ambitious objectives for your oral health.

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