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Why a High-Tech Dental Office Matters for Your Orthodontics Treatment

By July 17, 2021January 4th, 2022No Comments

Orthodontics have come a long way in the past several decades. From shortened treatment times to more aesthetically pleasing orthodontic options (just think of the difference between traditional metal braces and Invisalign’s), you deserve the best and most effective treatments available, which is why it’s important that you choose an orthodontist who stays up to date on the latest technologies and treatments. 

Orthodontics Treatment

A dental office that is committed to being as high-tech as possible has a lot to offer its patients, from faster treatments to more affordable options. Here are just some of the technologies that we use here at I Song Orthodontics to ensure we are delivering the best value and the most effective treatments to our patients:

3D Oral Scanners

The old way of taking impressions involved filling a clunky metal dental tray with a soft putty-like material and wedging it into the patient’s mouth, where it had to sit for several minutes (on both the top and bottom rows of teeth). Taking a 3D oral scan is a far cry from this awkward and uncomfortable experience. 

A 3D oral scanner lets us take a precise and accurate digital scan of your mouth that we can then use to craft your dental appliances, from braces to retainers. No gagging or discomfort involved. 

Digital Imaging

The latest digital imaging equipment produces highly detailed images of your mouth, from your teeth and gums to the supporting structures like gums and facial bones. These all-encompassing, panoramic images allow us to generate treatment plans that are customized to your exact needs. 

Plus, they reduce the amount of X-ray exposure to our patients and can be accessed much faster than traditional X-rays, which require time to develop. 

The latest technology in braces

Straightening your teeth is no longer a matter involving months or years of wearing highly visible (and often uncomfortable) metal brackets and wires on your teeth. Options such as Invisalign have completely changed the game and offer patients a more discreet way to improve their smile that is also much more comfortable and flexible. 

The bottom line about high-tech dental offices

Gone are the days when orthodontics were based on estimates of tooth movement and progression and took months or years to achieve the desired results. From digital scanning and imaging to cutting edge dental appliances, advances in dental technology let us serve you better and create superior outcomes for your smile, faster, better, and more affordably. 

To find out more about how we use the latest high-tech dental technology to care for your teeth, schedule your appointment today.

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