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Why It Is Worth It to Get Braces and Invisalign in the Winter

By December 27, 2022February 13th, 2023No Comments

There isn’t a scientific reason it’s best to get braces or Invisalign in the winter. It’s not because cold weather makes these tools straighten your teeth better. 

Winter is the best time because it works best for most people’s schedules. Here, we’ll share a few of the reasons patients find winter to be the best time to get braces or Invisalign.

You Have More Time To Get Into a New Routine in the Winter

Most people are at home much more during the winter months. That’s unlike summer when families go on vacation and children often go to camp. Also, schools have winter break.

Both braces and Invisalign take some getting used to. You’ll be uncomfortable at first. It’s not painful. It’s just annoying and takes some getting used to.

You’ll need to floss, brush, and rinse every time you eat. That’s more difficult in the summer when you’re away from home more. It’s much easier to get used to these changes when you spend most of your time indoors.

It’s Easier To Set Appointments in the Winter

Whether it’s braces or Invisalign, it’s not a one and done appointment. You’ll have several appointments to make adjustments. You’ll need these appointments every four to six weeks. It’s much easier to schedule these appointments when you aren’t traveling for vacations or family reunions. It’s essential that we space these appointments in the best manner to achieve the desired effect.

If You’re Self-Conscious, It’s Easier To Hide Braces During Winter

At first, you may feel self-conscious wearing braces. It used to be best to get braces in the winter because it was easier to hide your teeth with a scarf. These days, with waves of respiratory viruses spreading every winter, mask wearing is common during the colder months. No one will see your braces through the mask! Of course, with Invisalign, this is less of an issue since they’re practically invisible.

Your New Smile May Be Ready by Summer

Summer is the season of cookouts, vacations, and the beach. It’s when you’re outside and around everyone. The great thing about getting braces or Invisalign in the winter is that often, you’ll have your new smile ready to show off by summer. 

That’s one of the best reasons to get your braces or Invisalign in the winter. You do the hard work of wearing them in the winter, so you can show off your beautiful new smile in the summer. It’s the same reason you go to the health club between the holidays and summer. You want to look your best when you’re out on the beach or cooking out with friends.

If you’re ready to build that new smile, now is the time to do it. It may seem like it takes forever, but winter will be over before you know it. Schedule an appointment today online or by calling us at (510) 528-2220. Our office serves Oakland, San Pablo, Richmond, and other cities in the San Francisco Bay area. Now is the time to get that beautiful smile ready for summer.