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The decision to get braces doesn’t stop with whether to get them or not, but also choosing which type works for your teeth. Braces not only help with alignment, but they simply provide a better look to your smile, adding more to your confidence while enjoying greater teeth functions.

Two options that patients generally have when considering braces are metal and clear ones. These are two effective options that present their own level of benefits applicable to each patient.

How Metal Braces Can Benefit You

Metal braces have changed a lot from the appliances in the past. Metal bands are not required to be applied to each individual tooth. In addition, wires are less noticeable than previous appliances. The metal braces provided by your orthodontist offers more control in regards to your treatment – allowing each of your teeth to be moved to the position they need to be.

With metal braces, patients can correct a variety of issues with smaller brackets than ever. The bands are available in multiple colors as well, which makes your braces experience more fun and engaging.

Clear Braces are Effective Too

Clear braces can be confused with Invisalign, but they are not necessarily the same thing. The Invisalign system consists of having a series of trays straighten individual teeth. Clear braces are developed to work like metal braces, but are made of transparent material – which allow them to be more integrated and appear more natural to your teeth.

For patients who want to achieve a straighter smile, but with a more discreet method, clear braces are consistently a preferred option. In some cases, these are patients who normally would not qualify for Invisalign. With a trained orthodontist, clear braces can provide a great treatment experience but without creating a distracting visual aesthetic.

The best way to determine which orthodontic appliances may work for you is to schedule a consultation with your orthodontist. Contact us today at I Song Orthodontics for additional information.