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When Should I Get Braces for my Child?

If you are a parent of a young orthodontics patient, then a common question on your mind is when to visit a clinic to get braces for your child. For some children, baby teeth can fall out early and they will need braces sooner than those who still have those teeth in fifth grade. An orthodontist can provide you with the necessary information so you can work with your child on scheduling the best time for an appointment.

Braces for Kids

At an early age, braces are particularly effective for straightening teeth and aligning the jaw. Braces for children have been proven to create long-lasting benefits. The younger patients are, the less of a need to implement invasive measures to resolve tooth alignment problems. It is also easier to resolve conditions such as overbite or underbite in young children. At this stage, the jaw is soft and can be moved without applying surgical procedures.

What Types of Braces Should My Child Wear?

It is recommended that children wear metal braces. There are additional orthodontic solutions available, but metal braces can perform effectively well for children. They are durable and can remain sturdy for years. In most cases, it will take approximately two years for the teeth to be fully straightened through braces. Dr. Song and her team in Berkeley and El Cerrito can provide recommendations on when to start treatment and when to expect results after the first examination.

During orthodontic treatment, it is expected that children make regular visits to the orthodontist. These visits are also an opportunity for the child to make adjustments to the wires and replace rubber bands. Both parents and children will have to be considerate of what they eat during treatment. Foods that are too crunchy or sticky are not recommended.

For more details about braces for children, or to schedule an appointment, call the team at I Song Orthodontics today.