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Traditional braces can often be accompanied with restrictions on certain types of food. It is a certainty that some items are to be placed off the menu while having braces. While avoiding hard candy and mixed nuts is recommended, there are other foods you can eat during braces treatment. Some of these foods are ones you may come across at parties as well.

What Kinds of Foods Can I Eat With Braces?

Chocolate is one ingredient that fit within the braces schedule. What most orthodontists would recommend is to avoid sticky caramel. Most chocolates melt quickly and most consumers do not have to deal with them sticking to teeth. For optimal oral health, dark chocolate is a high recommendation. When having chocolate-based deserts, select more soft options such as thin-molded chocolates. Important items to avoid are chocolates fixed with mixes and fillings that can damage orthodontic appliances.

If you have an appetite for fruits and cheese dishes, some thinly sliced applies can fit in your plan. In addition, you can enjoy these snacks with a little lemon. Be sure the pieces are thin so they do not damage your braces. Other available varieties include Honeycrisp or jazz apples. Another treat is cottony candy grapes. You can add some calcium-rich and sugar-reduced cheeses to your fruit plate.

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