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A number of benefits are available to patients who have achieved straighter teeth. These include functional benefits, comfort, and aesthetics. I Song Orthodontics provides an informative experience for patients to help them appreciate having a straight smile and the benefits it brings. The following are just some of the many benefits that straight teeth present.

Speech and Communication

Speech can be negatively affected by crooked teeth and incorrect bite or jaw alignment. Straighter teeth reduces this problem and enables you to speak with more clarity and enunciation in your words. This will help you communicate your words with more confidence and direction.

Oral Hygiene

With straight teeth, things will be come easier for your regular hygienic care. Crooked teeth are known to make the job of cleaning, brushing, and flossing more difficult. Since less food particles are stuck in the mouth with straight teeth, you will have an easier time practicing your daily oral cleaning functions.

Reduced Risk of Injury

If you partake in sports, you may need a mouthguard to protect your teeth from collision or damage. Crooked teeth makes it more difficult to have mouthguards accurately fitted. Straightened teeth makes this procedure easier and you can have mouthguards that can fully protect your smile during physical activity.

Greater Health

Crooked teeth has been known to hide visible conditions such as tooth decay. This can make you avoid putting off treatment because you may not detect the decay. As time progresses without treatment, you make yourself vulnerable to diseases and greater oral health problems. Straight teeth leads to earlier detection of problems so you can address them with your dentist or orthodontist right away.

For additional information on the health and aesthetic benefits of straight teeth, contact I Song Orthodontics today.

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