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Aligner wear:

Aligners are to be worn full time with the exception of cleaning teeth and eating, amounting to a minimum of 20-22 hours per day.

When aligners are not in the mouth they are not working, so treatment is not progressing!
If periods of time pass and aligners are not in the mouth, small increments of “relapse” can occur which will greatly affect treatment responses and time.
You may drink cool water only with your aligners in, but stay away from hot and colored liquids to prevent warping and staining your aligners.
Save all of your aligners until completed with treatment. Store all aligners in a container or bag. Stay organized!


Clean your aligners at least once a day.
Brush and floss your teeth after every meal or drink.
After eating, if you can’t brush your teeth, rinse out vigorously with water before inserting your aligners.


Attachments are components of Invisalign treatment that are either facilitating difficult tooth movements or keeping the aligner stable. It is very important that the “bumps” or attachments on the teeth engage into the corresponding “bumps” in the Aligner.

Each time you insert your aligners, use your “Chewie.” Bite the chewie multiple times along the full arch.
Each time you place your aligner it is very important that you check to be sure the attachments are engaged. If it is not engaged, the attachment can possibly work against your treatment plan. If this happens, keep chewing on your chewie to help facilitate the fit (this can sometimes take minutes).
Check attachments regularly and if one is chipped, broken or loose, notify your doctor promptly, so your treatment does not regress.
Be sure all attachments are intact and not loose. Report any problems to our office promptly.
Be sure that when you place the next/new aligner that the attachments engage.
Broken button or attachment is NOT an emergency but please call our office to notify us.
Please save broken buttons.

Changing Aligners:

Check to switch aligners every 7 days or as directed by Dr. Song. Wear aligners a minimum of 7 days.

If the current aligner is still fitting tight (difficult to remove or place or causing soreness with wear), or if small clear edges appear between the aligner and the teeth in any area DO NOT change the aligner yet, wear it for a couple of more days. If after the 2nd week of wear, any of the above are still present, call our office so we may inform Dr. Song.
You can set an alarm reminder in your phone every 7 days or simply mark down in a calendar to stay on track.


If you break or lose an aligner, call our office immediately. If an aligner gets lost and needs to be replaced there will be a replacement fee. *When traveling by plane DO NOT put aligners in checked luggage, keep them in personal/carry-on*
Occasionally, an aligner may have a sharp edge, it may be shaven down with an emery board.
Scanning or impressions may be necessary during or at the end of treatment. It is not an indication of something “wrong”, but simply Dr.Song’s way of making adjustments in the treatment.
At the end of your first series of Aligners it may be necessary to wear another short series of Refinement Aligners before the plan is completed.
Lack of cooperation/Lack of Aligner wear can result in additional treatment fees to complete your treatment.